Should you trademark your business?

Trademarking your business might seem like a hassle at first however, there are a whole host of benefits that make the process worth it.

Wondering whether or not it is the right decision to trademark your business? We’re created a helpful guide outlining everything that you need to know.


But first and foremost, what does it mean to register a trademark?

Many business owners decide to trademark their business or brand in a bid to ensure that it is protected. For example, if another company uses your trademarked assets without permission or replicates your brand in anyway, you are perfectly in your right to seek legal action. After all, your business name and your ideas are accessible to wider audiences and are constantly at risk of being replicated if not protected.


Creating value in your business

Another reason many businesses choose to trademark their brand is that it creates value in your business and the vast majority of companies prefer to invest in a business that has trademarked its main products, brand or name!


Protecting your business against your competitors

If you trademark your business, you can rest assured that it is almost impossible for your competitors to copy your business. Remember, for further peace of mind and maximum protection, you should always trademark the business in the countries you operate in.


Enhanced credibility

Trademarking your business will instantly enhance your credibility and boost your reputation. This is the case across a diverse range of industries.


How to trademark a name in the UK

The first step in protecting your business is to understand what counts as a trademark. For example, you should look closely at the colours, images, logos, words and symbols that are completely unique to your brand. And, remember, always do your research when it comes to ensuring that your brand is unique and it’ not similar to any other branding.

However, there are exceptions, as by law, you are not allowed to trademark a name that

describe the goods or services you are selling such as the word “BAG” for range of bags you are selling.


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