This blog is a follow-on from last week, where we discussed the importance of customer service. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here. This week we interviewed Doug Ackerman, of CustomerSure, about the product he is involved with and why it is such a useful tool for businesses.

Hi Doug, thanks for taking the call. First things first, what is CustomerSure?
No problem. CustomerSure is an easy and effective customer service app that enables companies to prove their dedication to customer service by finding and fixing every problem their customers experience. It does this by enabling businesses to easily collect feedback, act upon it, and publish stunning reviews on their website.

And what was the reason behind developing the product?
Guy Letts previously ran a department tasked with improving revenue. He soon found that the best way to achieve this was by increasing customer retention rates by improving customer service.

After trying everything suggested in customer service books, he hit upon the simple idea of reaching out to customers systematically at a time that was most relevant to them. By asking for customers’ feedback to check they were satisfied, Guy was able to find and fix problems, meaning the department was able to keep many more hard-won customers.

Guy wanted to be able to help more businesses implement this system – he then left to set up and develop CustomerSure.

That’s brilliant, because we’re strong believers in customer service. What does CustomerSure do that makes it worth using?
Without customers, there is no business, so it is important to keep them happy. CustomerSure provides a variety of ways to collect feedback at a time that’s relevant to the customer. For example, after you’ve received an invoice, to check that you’re happy with the service.

By asking at a time that’s suitable for the customer, you’ll get a much better response rate, customers will be able to provide you with much more accurate and useful information, and you’ll be inside the window of opportunity to fix any issues which crop up. Your customers will also know that you care about them, that you want to make sure they’re happy with your business. This builds trust between your company and your customers.

CustomerSure also enables you to quickly pinpoint any recurring issues, so you know where you might need to improve.

And what is the biggest challenge facing businesses when it comes to reacting to customer feedback?
Good question. For many businesses, before using CustomerSure, the biggest challenge they face is in systematically handling feedback. Making sure that it’s made use of. Not stuck away in some long-forgotten drawer or computer folder.

There’s little point in asking customers for their feedback unless you’re set up to respond. Once you are set up to respond, with a system like ours, the biggest roadblock to responding to feedback is removed. It’s then just a case of making it part of your business as usual, which happens quite naturally.

Just one last question before I let you go, Doug. What is the main thing you would like readers to take away?
Customer feedback is vital to business success, but your customers won’t necessarily always come forward when they have a concern. They are more likely to suffer in silence. And you’ll never have the opportunity to fix the situation before they leave. Businesses must take the proactive step and actually ask for feedback.

If you focus on what your customers are after, and deliver what they want, it’ll make you stand out.

Thanks very much for your time, Doug. We appreciate it.
No problem at all.

The Week in Review is written by Mitch, our apprentice. Stay tuned to hear more about his adventures here at REACT, or head over to CustomerSure’s blog to garner useful tips on keeping customers happy.