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To Tweet or not to Tweet

When carrying out research prior to setting up REACT Accountancy, we considered the option of taking on an accountancy franchise.

We discovered many varied franchise models each with their own strengths and at varying costs to entry and percentage royalties.

However one discussion during this period keeps resonating and that was when we asked about the organisation’s marketing strategy and we talked over a few of their established elements.

We then asked what the Franchisor thought about Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube & the reply from one of the senior partners was that he didn’t believe that potential customers would be impressed by a firm that had time to Tweet and that they wouldn’t take that firm seriously.

It was at that point that we began to lose faith in that particular franchise and their model – it seemed that this particular and relatively mature franchise was not keeping up with the times.

It is our belief that all businesses must reach out to their existing and prospective customers via social media and that they can be enormously powerful.

With that in mind we have forged relationships with some excellent partners who can assist clients with their social media presence and can provide training in social media strategy and delivery for maximum impact and to achieve real growth for their business.

Contact us and we will put you in touch with a social media guru to suit you and your business.