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Is there room for petty vindictiveness in business?

The date is 16th July 2012, we are half way through the twelfth year of the new millennium and on the whole business has come a long way: slavery has long since been abolished as has child labour in developed economies; management courses abound and generally business is an enlightened environment and yet …and yet…

We are all human and recruitment and promotion decisions are fraught with difficulties & no matter how rational we try to make the process there remains an element of chance and some anachronistic candidates slip through the net.

You may have met the type (though thankfully they are increasingly rare), they bear unfounded grudges, they micro-manage, mistrust and fundamentally undervalue relationships across the board whether they are colleagues, customers or suppliers.

Our philosophy at REACT is one of “givers gain” that is to say that we believe that if we help you then you will be more inclined to help us. More than that, we believe in treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves and in so doing we trust that our open and honest approach of integrity and professionalism will ultimately pay dividends through customer satisfaction, close and valued business contacts and referrals for new business.

On the other hand, those managers who have not yet emerged from the Jurassic Age are surely destined to cause failure in the business that they lead – their colleagues are unlikely to follow a leader who shows them no respect, suppliers will not go the extra mile for a company that does not give as well as take and customers and workload will dissipate when poor management and underperformance become apparent.

We take this issue so seriously that we have taken time to build relationships with HR and Recruitment Agencies and can offer our support to ensure that your business gets through the recruitment maze with ease and that staff members and managers are fully trained and acclimatised to your working environment and culture so that your company can continue and thrive with all of its key stakeholders.